Mo Fun. It’s not just a name. It’s a commitment!

 The Mo Show

 Once upon a time there was a white face clown named Mo. Everyone called him Mo The Clown. Mo was a joyous guy, a balloon twisting entertainer and Justice of the Peace, performing weddings, making people laugh and spreading happiness.

   Over time, the public grew a fear of clowns in make up. Sure, there had always been a few folks that were scared, but that fear rose significantly in the nineties. Mo knew it was time for a change.

   Mo Fun was born of that change. A clown without make up. Or giant shoes.

   It’s what you do, not what you wear, that creates a clown persona. Clowning is unique problem solving observed by others, a la Lucy Ricardo, Gracie Allen…

   That’s me in the picture: Mo Fun, a balloon artist in New Hampshire.

   I’m a balloon buffoon.

   I specialize in friendly balloon fun at any kind of event, large or small, anywhere (almost).

   Sharing is fun, and balloon workshops are a great way to share and grow.

   I can also officiate your wedding, for I am a New Hampshire Justice of the Peace.

   I can perform a wedding and then perform at a wedding!

   We are only limited by our imagination.

   Decades of caring experience await you.

   Mo Fun. It’s not just a name. It’s a commitment!

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Campton, New Hampshire

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   Clinical studies indicate that frequent brushes with Mo Fun can help reduce the formation of harmful mental plaque!